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      On Saturday 16\4\2020, Professor Elham Dawood, Vice chancellor of Nile Valley University, has visited EAEU headquarters in accompany of her Rector, Scientific Affairs Secretary and a number of Deans, Teaching staff and Administrators. Professor Omer Abdalla Elbadri, Vice chancellor of Elshaikh Abdalla Elbadri University, A number of Teaching Staff and Administrators, have greeted and welcomed her arrival.

       Professor Elham has visited Elahikh Abdalla Elbadri, the Founder and the Chairman of trustee of the university at his home. His virtue welcomed and thanked her visiting.

       Professor Omer has given a very moving speech on behalf of the founder of the university expressing his appreciation for the visit and generous initiative that strengthen the links between the two institutions through a common agreement between them.

        After exchanging greetings, Professor Elham visited some workshops at Faculty of Engineering. She heard a detailed explanation from the engineers there.

         She also visited the university hospital buildings, having a detailed commentary about it. Then she concluded her visit with the Morgue, Museum and laboratory of Faculty of Medicine. She praised the possibilities and infrastructure available there.

    Finally, a meeting was been held at the Vice chancellor office to exchange the drafts of the agreement between the two universities to be signed soon.

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