The Founder

Sheikh Abdalla Elbadri

 Founder and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Sheikh Abdalla ElBadri Univercity.

Birth, upbringing and educational stages:

 He is Sheikh Abdalla Elbadri Abdalla Altahir Nafea, born in the city of Barbar in the River Nile State in 1946 AD. His lineage belongs to the Abdallab tribe, the offspring of Sheikh Abdalla Jamaa`, who established the first Abdallab kingdom in Sudan more than five hundred years ago. Sheikh Abdalla grew up in the care of his God-knowing father, Sheikh ElBadri, where he completed the memorization of the Holy Qur’an at the hands of his father and received his primary education in the city of Barbar . He received his vocational education at the Jabait Vocational School in the city of Jabait, Red Sea State. He combined craftsmanship and religious education and he was the first to combine religious,  and industrial educatiin to support and empower Quran keepers, segments of orphans and uneducated youth in Sudan.

*His action and achievements:

 – Sheikh EkBadri Scientific Institute – Barbar – Algadwab, founded and built at his own expense in the year 1986 AD.

   – Al-Sheikh Elbadri Center for the chastity of the Holy Book memorizers, the orphans and the educationally deficient professioners, urging and encouraging them to pursue a profession that will protect them from humiliation of asking others for charity  and protect them from the difficulties of life, as he has taught them through full scholarships that include food, housing, vocational, industrial and technical training at his own expense to this day. It was the first core of the idea that resulted in the establishment of the Sheikh Abdalla Elbadri Technical College in the year 2002 AD, which was the core nucleus for declaring the announcement and establishment of the university in the year 2011.

– He donated his own private properties which was several buildings belonging to him to be the seat of an integrated university campus that includes student dormitories housing for some of the faculties of the River Nile University in the year 1991 AD in Barbar – Elgadwab, in order to ensure the renaissance of science in the region, and it has now been designated by River Nile  University to be the headquarters of the faculties of Sharia, Law, Arabic and Islamic Studies.

He established an integrated educational system at his own expense, which can be summarized as follows:

   – Mrs. Souad’s Model Nursery and Kindergarten – Barbar Elgadwab.

  – Sheikh Elbadri  Quranic primary schools (boys and girls) in Barbar -Elgadwab.

– Sheikh Abdalla Elbadri Schools for the Intermediate Stage (Boys and Girls) in Barbar Elgadwab .

  Umm Al-Fogara Bint Algnaid High School (for girls) in Barbar Elgadwab .

– Sheikh Abdalla Elbadri High School (Boys) – Barbar Elgadwab .

 – Sheikh Abdalla Elbadri  University (a private non-profit university).

University student housing complexes for girls inside the university campus and for boys around the university buildings.

  – Sheikh Al-Badri University Hospital, which was completed in 2019 and is now in the process of completing the equipment to start the operation phase.

His achievements contributed to the development of River Nile Provence in general and the city of Barbar in particular. The institutions of Sheikh Abdalla Elbadri  provided many job opportunities in the region and contributed to reducing the level of ignorance and prevalence of illiteracy in the state. It also increased the rate of health and educational awareness in the region and revived  commercials recovery. He also facilitated the ways of life for the city’s residents due to his prominent role in providing the most basic necessities of life by paying the cost of providing and introducing the national water network in the city of Elgadwab to the local residents after they were extracting and used to fetch water from wells through exerted huge and great physical efforts to provide drinking water. He also introduced the national electricity network at his own expense to the Elgadwab area, east of the railway.

He also allocated annual scholarships for outstanding students in the state to study at the university free of Charge in order to encourage outstanding students to make more effort for education. These scholorships created a spirit of competition among parents and students and urged them to increase their desire for science. It also encouraged parents and increased their eagerness to educate their children. He also established the Sheikh Abdalla Elbadri health center (therapeutic unit) on his own expenses, it treats an estimated segment of the region’s population and university students. In appreciation and gratitude for his efforts and contributions to serving humanity, spreading science and advancing remote and poor areas, and for his prominent outstanding role in providing all services that contribute to the advancement of educational science in Sudan, the Arab world and the world, he was honored and awarded many prizes and certificates of appreciation at the local and international levels.

Duties and positions held:

Electricital technician at Atbara railways.

– Secretary General of the Sheikh Elbadri Islamic Complex

– Member of the Board of Trustees of River Nile University.

– Founder, sponsor and patron of Sheikh Abdalla Elbadri Technical College.

– Founder, sponsor and patron of Sheikh Abdalla Elbadri College of Health.

– Founder sponsor and patron of Sheikh Abdalla Elbadri University.

– Founder, sponsor and patron of Sheikh Elbadri Teaching Hospital.

– Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Sheikh Abdalla Elbadri University.

Honors and Medals:

Honorary Doctorate Degree from River Nile University – Republic of Sudan – in the year 1992 AD.

Jusi Institute for Peace Award and Prize – Philippines – in the category of social and educational service in the Middle East and the Arabian Gulf region – in the year 2016.

– The Nilelean first class category award for achievement – Republic of Sudan – during the country’s celebrations of Independence Day – in the year 2018.

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