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         On nine Ramadan from 1441 Hijriyah, corresponding 5\3\2020, Elshaikh Abdalla Elbadri University and Nile Valley University have signed a cooperation agreement at Garash Hall at Nile Valley University headquarters.

        The vice chancellors of both universities signed the cooperation agreement in the presence of high administrators, deans and teaching staff from each university in the framework of activating partnerships between Higher Education Institutions in different scientific, research, training, development, technical and culture domains. Achieving the goals and mission of the two institutions disseminating knowledge and science, upraising scientific research and community services.

      Nile Valley University Vice chancellor has expressed her thankfulness and gratitude for the visit of the decent delegation of Elshaikh Abdalla Elbadri University headed by Professor Omer and his accompany of High Administrators, Deans and Teaching Staff.  Moreover, she has affirmed her praise of the advanced environment and the available possibilities and infrastructure at EAEU after her visit to the university headquarters at Berber- Algadawab.

     On the other side Professor Omer has expressed his deep thanks on behalf of the founder and chairman of board of trustees, Elshaikh Abdalla Elbadri, and all the university personnel, to the Vice chancellor of Nile Valley University and her accompany delegation for their visit, generous initiative and the honest desire of completing the cooperation between the two universities in all scientific, research, training and technical fields.

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