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The University of ELShaikh Abdallah ELBadri is a private charity university that provides education services at the lowest possible cost. The University seeks in its mission and objectives development and excellence in providing educational and research service in accordance with ethical principles and values to meet the needs of the community and to achieve sustainable professional development.

The University was founded by Fadilat Maulana ELShaikh Abdallah ELShaikh ELBadri, where he started it as an idea and a project to keep the Quran memorizers decent-handed professionally, and in the light of the idea he has constructed buildings namely the halls, offices, workshops, laboratories, libraries and boarding houses for students and houses for teachers at his own expense. The idea thanks to Allah developed to the extent that it resulted in Shaikh Abdallah ELBadri College of Technology (Faculty of Technology now) in 2002, and the college awarded the degree of technical diploma in various engineering disciplines and three-year system of computer and management. At that time, it was under the technical Education Corporation affiliate of the Ministry of Higher Education and scientific research, and it includes professionalization of Quran memorizers and awards vocational training certificate and apprenticeship and craft certificate in engineering disciplines. The center includes segments of Quran memorizers and children of martyrs, orphans and educational dropouts and the holders of the basic certificate. The college also includes community development center.

The establishment of the ELShaikh Abdallah ELBadri Technical Health College (Faculty of Health Sciences now) was in 2008. It was affiliate of technical education at that time. It was also fully funded by Fadilat Maulana ELSheikh Abdallah ELBadri namely buildings, equipment, and furnishings. The college awards the degree of Technical Diploma in Pharmacy, Nursing Dental medicine and medical statistics with based on a 3- year system.

 The two colleges were upgraded to a university in 2011, taking the title of University of ELSheikh Abdallah ELBadri in recognition of his efforts and achievements to establish the university.

The University now has six faculties: namely Engineering, Administrative Sciences, Economics, Science, Technology, and Health Sciences (including Bachelor of Nursing, Medical Laboratories, and Health Diplomas), Medical College, Community Rehabilitation Centers, Community Development and Monitoring and Liaison Office in the capital.

The University also has a considerable number of programs under ratification: the Faculty of Pharmacy, Postgraduate Studies, Computer Science and Information Technology, Faculty of Media and Information Technologies, and the University Hospital.

Centers have been established at the University: Center of Scientific Research Excellence, Center for Educational Development, Computer Center and Center for On-going Studies in the capital.

The Founder and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the University Fadilat Maulana ELShaik Abdallah has established multiple residential complexes near the university for male and female students with high standards and all services to ensure residential, living and academic stability for male and female students.

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