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Study at EAEU continues according to Health Services Administration Measures.

Since the closure of the first wave of COVID19, Health Services Administration was established by EAEU administration to confront the emerging disease. All precautions was undertaken since mid-August, offering gloves, facemasks and sterilizations for all the university personnel {Teaching staff, TAs, administrators, workers & students.}. Furthermore, lecture halls and students’ gathering places were sprayed regularly and continuously with sterilizations. Health Services Administration emphasized the precise follow-up and immediate reporting of any suspected cases, as it disseminated educative posters all around the university campuses.      

   EAEU continues study at all faculties under restricted measures by not entering campus without facemasks for all the university personnel. This reflects on the students to continue their study in a clean, sterilized, and free of COVID19 environment.                                                                                                                          

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