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Mr. Mohammed Alfaki Suleiman, member of sovereignty council considered Elshaikh Abdalla Elbadri experience in religious and formal education as one of the unique experiences that need to be studied and focused on its design for circulation in similar places.

During his visit to Elshaikh Abdalla Elbadri family in Berber. Nile River state he said that his experience and philosophy in education started with Quran memorizing schools (khalwa), it developed into formal education begins with kindergarten, primary schools, secondary schools then a college upraised to be Elshaikh Abdalla Elbadri University.  EAEU becomes students’ destination from all over the country and from abroad to study different scientific specialties.  

      Mr. Alfaki added that Elshaikh Abdalla Elbadri experience in professionalizing the Quran memorizers is praiseworthy especially since Quran schools in Sudan (Kalwa) has a vital role in pedagogy, education and counselling. He referred to the social role of Sufi brotherhoods, how it kept Sudan in the most challenging moments with wisdom and vision of its Sufi masters.

        On behalf of Elshaikh Abdalla Elbadri family, Alshazali Abu Elhasan, a former teacher gave a speech greeting and welcoming Mr. Alfaki for his visit to solace upon Elshaikh Abdalla Elbadri wife (Om Alfugara).He presented a historic narration about the establishment of Elshaikh Abdalla Elbadri educational institutions and their development referring that they have been established on his own expenses.

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