Media and Public Relations Directorate

The Media and Public Relations Directorate coordinates relations between the University and other institutions. Its functions are as follows:

  • To be the link between the university and the print, audio and visual media to reflect the various activities, programs, and projects of the university on its own initiative or in response to the request of any media.
  • To be the link between the university and the ministries, departments, and government services organs to provide services to university employees.
  • To prepare books and information bulletins that explain the University’s mission in various fields.
  • To issue an introductory magazine in the university that reflects the university’s various activities and university news, and encourages the writing and editing of the university by the university staff.
  • To keep records of what is written, broadcast or published about the university and submit this to the director to the Chancellor to inform him of what is going on outside the university.
  • To provide suggestions, methods, and activities of benefit in satisfying the hobbies of workers in the cultural, sports and recreational fields.
  • To interview and accompany university guests, secure their accommodation, supervise their visit programs and organize guest invitations.
  • To carry out the necessary communications and complete procedures related to facilitating travel with the competent authorities of any of the employees of the university in cases of assignment of official missions inside or outside the country.

Current Director of the Media Directorate: Abdallah Babiker Ali

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