The Center for Research Excellence

First : The proposal of the Center for Research Excellence

Definition :

An initiative to stimulate scientific research at the university and encourage it to carry out the pioneering, distinctive and unique research so that the university occupies a prestigious position among local and international universities and contributes through research in the growth of knowledge, development, growth and economic prosperity of the country.


The university should be a leading institution in scientific and qualitative research excellence and be able to link programs in human and applied sciences and scientific research to raise the country’s development.


To provide research services based on quality and international standards in order to develop scientific and professional research for researchers inside and outside the Sudan.


  • Achieving high levels of excellence in research, innovation and development.
  • Training in conducting research according to international standards.
  • Promoting graduate studies and creating training opportunities for researchers in support of writing, translation and publishing.
  • Encouraging innovation to meet the needs and service of the community.
  • Building a bridge with international and local research institutions to benefit from expertise and experience and keep pace with the development of knowledge.

Administrative structure:

  • Center’s Manager
  • Administrative Supervisor of the Center
  • Supervisors of the laboratories of research excellence centers at the faculties.

Financial resources:

  • Donations
  • Gifts
  • Wills
  • Allocation from the university’s budget
  • Revenues (conferences, seminars, training courses, publications).
  • Returns of investment projects of the Center.

Activities of the Center:

  • Providing research services to researchers and graduate students inside and outside the university
  • Dissemination of scientific research and writing
  • Establishment of research excellence laboratories in all applied faculties.

Description of the needs of the Laboratory of Medical Research Excellence:

  • Laboratory specializing in molecular biology, immunology and cell culture
  • Histopathology  Lab – Electronic Microscopy Unit
  • Basic Medical Sciences Laboratory, Faculty of Medicine (currently equipped with all equipment and devices).
  • Zoology house.

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