ALBashir Center for Vocational and Crafts Training

The Center was established in 2003. The aim of the center was to make the learners of Quran by heart decent by making them acquire a profession. It was the idea of the founder of the University, Fadilat Maulana , ELShaikh Abdalla ELBadri. The center paid special attention to the free study and the provision of housing and living free of charge to ensure their professional and academic achievement. Hundreds graduated from the center in various specializations.

Objectives of the Center:

  1. The Center seeks to achieve the objectives and enabling of the University Logo (Creativity – Devotion – Excellence).
  2. To embody the mission of the founder of the university, so that they can memorize the Quran and acquire a profession.
  3. To be a graduate of the Center able to engage in the labor market in various fields.
  4. To make the graduate of the center with a highly qualified profession of practical training to enable him to contribute to the development of a developed and productive community.

Programs and Specializations of the Center:

Three-year Vocational Program Certificate of two-year craft diploma
General Electricity General Electricity
Automobiles Electricity Automobiles Electricity
Diesel engines Motor Rewinding
Refrigeration air conditioning Refrigeration air conditioning
Lathes Lathes


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