With GOD blessings and praise, faculty of pharmacy was approved on the third of Muharrem A.H 1440, corresponding to 13.Sep. A.D.2018.

The faculty will include five sections. They are:  Natural Pharmacology, Pharmaceuticals sciences, Pharmacology, Practicing the medical profession and Pharmaceutical Chemistry. These specializations considered as important pillars in scientific renaissance in different medicine fields.

The decision to establish this faculty came within the framework of the university concern of Health Sciences sector, medicinal production, and community development in order to develop this facility to match the notable developments in this field globally. Training, educating and rehabilitating capable staff living up to this aspiration for integrated renaissance in all domains.

The faculty aims can be summarized in several points: education, scientific research and environment and community service. As we provide distinct education to our students, we are giving scientific research our priority attention and what represents urgent needs so that we can catch advanced countries.


It would be sufficient honey visitors to know that we ‘r targeting to provide developed educational program in pharmaceutical sciences to our students through prepared, designed and approved syllabus  from ministry of high education .

We graduate qualified chemists who reflect global efficient, professional ethics and scientific quality that will be reflected in professional practice, awareness raising service, education and research domains.


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