With GOD blessing, a decent delegation of a technical committee tasked with approving BA combined honor of computer sciences and IT program from the ministry of high education & scientific research, foreign and private education. The delegation was headed by professor. GASM ELSEID IBRAHIM. They visited the university to determine the possibilities available.

 The delegation was welcomed by professor. OMER ABDALLAH ALBADRI the university vice chancellor, the principle, the scientific affairs secretary, the students’ affairs dean and a precious number of computer lecturers. The committee expressed its satisfaction with the adequate possibilities and infrastructure that support the proposed faculty approval and establishment.

This program came within several programs provided by the university administration as future plans to include new programs in the new private university, in conformity with its goals, thesis and his virtue ELSHEIKH ABDALLAH ELBADRI, the institution founder vision in leadership, distinction and development of the university.

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