Resignation and Freeze

Resignation after the appearance of the result of the first round of admission:

  • If the student wants to resign after the appearance of the result of the first round of admission, he submits his resignation electronically on the site of the General Administration for admission in the period determined by the General Administration of Admission
  • If the student decides to resign after this period, he can resign from the university after attending the admissions Administration in person, which in turn sends his resignation to the general administration until he is written off

Resignation at higher levels of study

  • The student at the higher level shall apply to the Dean by the Head of the Department
  • After approval from the Dean, the application for resignation is obtained.
  • Initiation of the procedures for the discharge certificate from the Faculty
  • The resignation is received from the Registrar’s office


  • A student who wishes to freeze must submit his application for a freezing within a period of one month before the date of the examinations, with convincing reasons

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