Services Department

Tasks of Services Department:

  1. Director of Services, member, and rapporteur of the Procurement Committee.
  2. Services Department is authorized by the Vice Chancellor for the conclusion of all contracts except for university professors’ contracts.
  3. Purchases the needs of the university’s hospitality and various university equipment including food, drink and cooking supplies such as gas and other energy materials and hospitality of external or coming delegations and supervises the collection and payment of bills.
  4. Extraction of petroleum tickets for vehicles and generators of the university.
  5. Supervises the purchase of oil and maintenance of vehicles, and daily newspapers and some purchases directed by the Vice-Chancellor.
  6. Transportation of teaching of staff and collaborator professors of the University from Atbara and Berber to the university headquarters daily and back.
  7. Transportation of students to training venues in different cities of the state.
  8. Extraction of the entitlement of leased vehicles.
  9. Approval of bills of petroleum, water, and newspapers.
  10. Extraction of extra hours and performance incentives.

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