Human Resource Administration

  1. Director of the Human Resources Department and shall be responsible for the Vice-Chancellor when performing his tasks.
  2. Assistant to the Director of Human Resources and responsible before the Director of Human Resources in the performance of his tasks.
  • A number of administrative departments are under the Human Resources Director:
  1. Personnel Section.
  2. Workers Affairs Section.
  3. Archives and Pensions Section.
  4. National Service Section.

Human Resources Department Tasks:

  1. Issues statements of employees who are entitled to an annual bonus for ratification after addressing the secret office for knowing the annual reports.
  2. Extracts the lists of the employees entitled to the promotion and sends them to the promotions committee for consideration after addressing the secret office to bring the secret reports.
  3. Follow-up of procedures for employees of the university.
  4. Preparation of compensation proposals for employees and participation in the preparation of the university budget.
  5. Programming and granting annual leave to employees.
  6. Uploads the data of the recruits on the computer system explaining the date of the beginning of the national service, its duration, the end date, the respective unit and any other data.
  7. Follow-up of the attendance of recruits and the issuance of certificates of attendance.
  8. Follow-up of end-of-service procedures for recruits.
  9. Issues discharge certificate and latest salary payment.
  10. Any other tasks assigned to it by the Vice-Chancellor.

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