Financial Administartion

Financial Department is one of the departments affiliated to the Vice-Chancellor and consists of a number of sections as follows:

1. Financial Flows Section.

2. Settlement Section

3. Budget Section

4. Section of trusts, custody, information, and computerization

 5. Payroll Section

6. Warehouses and Supplies Section

7. Payment Section

8. Procurement Section

Its tasks are limited to the following:

  1. Application of financial and accounting systems and regulations in all the work of the university.
  2. Discuses and supervises the preparation of budget estimates and proposals in coordination with other bodies.
  3. Obligation to spend according to the prescribed budget.
  4. Revenue collection.
  5. Preparation of periodic financial reports.
  6. Follow-up of bank accounts and balances.
  7. Preparation of the monthly account and the final account of the University.
  8. Follow up of the funding of the university with the concerned bodies.
  9. Supply and delivery from warehouses according to the regulations governing it.
  10. Any other tasks assigned to it by the Vice-Chancellor.

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