Department of Training and Professors’ Affairs

Tasks of the Head of Training and Professors’ Affairs Department:

  • Coordination with the Training Department at the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research through the Scientific Affairs Secretariat to obtain training opportunities for the university.
  • Member of the University Council
  • Coordination with the various universities to which the scholars are nominated to facilitate their admission procedures
  • This department is specialized in preparing the need for faculties and centers to appoint the teaching staff.
  • Any other tasks related to the nature of his work

Current Head Department: Elwasiq Mohamed Elfaki

The department consists of two units:

  • Training Unit.
  • Faculty Affairs Unit.

Training Unit:

This unit is concerned with supervising the training and scholarships of teaching staff and their assistants and general supervision of their nomination approved by the Training Committee.

Tasks of the Training Unit:

  • Seeking opportunities for scholarship inside.
  • Supervising training procedures and scholarships at home and abroad
  • Follow-up of the study of the students and report on them
  • Completion of the full and full-time and part-time procedures for the students
  • Follow up of extension or termination of the scholarship period in the event of approval by the Training Committee
  • Follow up of the receipt of the work after the end of the scholarship period

Teaching Staff Affairs Unit:

  • This unit is concerned with supervising the:
  • Follow up of the promotions of the teaching staff and submitting them to the promotions committee and then implement their decisions.
  • Keeping and classifying copies of teaching staff files
  • Reviewing the qualifications of collaborator professors and contractors to conclude contracts with them for training in the different faculties of the university.

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