Scientific Affairs

Tasks of the Secretary of Scientific Affairs:

  1. Upgrading academic work at the university.
  2. Administratively and technically supervises the Admissions, Registration and Certification Department, the Training Section and the Information and Statistics Department
  3. Participating in cultural exchange programs, concluding scientific agreements and implementing them
  4. Establishing relations with institutions of higher education inside and outside Sudan
  5. Supervision of specialized academic committees
  6. Accrediting professors and the collaborators from outside the university
  7. Issuing and certifying graduates certificates
  8. Supervising the implementation of student admission and registration policies
  9. Participating in setting of systems and procedures by developing and disseminating curriculum and teaching methods
  10. Upgrading and developing the curriculum
  11. Supervising the awarding of scientific degrees and their extraction and accreditation
  12. Member of the University Council
  13. Setting lecturers training and qualification plans
  14. Representing the University in conferences and committees related to scientific affairs

Current Director: Dr. El-Sajad Abdallah Elbadri

Departments of the Secretariat of Scientific Affairs:

  1. Admission and Registration Department.
  2. Certificates Academic Register Department.
  3. Department of Training and Professors’ Affairs.
  4. Department of Information and Statistics.


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