Libraries Secretariat


The Libraries Secretariat was established by the University of ELShaikh Abdallah ELBadri under the University Act for the year 2011 and a librarian was appointed who is the official in charge of the university libraries appointed under the provisions of Article 20 (1) of the Act.


To make the libraries of the University of ELShaikh Abdallah ELBadri distinguished, pioneer working on the service of the academic community to support the educational process and support scientific research by providing access to sources of information in various forms and types in a timely manner and in the language available to all beneficiaries in the university and the community .


The Libraries Secretariat mission is to support the University’s educational program by acquiring, organizing and making available the library’s sources of information and making it available to the beneficiaries. It also works to create an interactive environment between the library and the beneficiaries by communicating with them in various modern available means of communication, to answer their inquiries on one hand and inform them about everything is new in the library on the other hand.


  • To contribute to the achievement of the declared scientific,  Dawa  and cultural objectives of the university through the following means :
  • Acquisition, provision, and availability of different sources of knowledge in its various forms, traditional and modern, and for different categories.
  • To provide library services that enable the optimal benefit of these means.
  • To develop services and support teaching and research services.
  • To provide access to all electronic sources and references.
  • Computerization of library work.
  • To upgrade and develop libraries and raise the capacity of their cadres as well as attention to training.

The various departments of the Secretariat and its employees contribute to the achievement of these objectives in order to fulfill their mission towards the University and its beneficiaries in the fullest manner.

Libraries Secretariat Departments and Units:

  • Supply Department.
  • Technical Processing Department.
  • Services and Information Department.
  • Department of Binding.
  • Quality Control Department.
  • Automated System Department.
  • Department of Central Library.
  • Department of Libraries.
  • Electronic Library Department.
  • Financial Unit.

Library opening hours: All libraries open all weekdays except public holidays. The time is as follows:

  • From 8:30 am until the end of the daily working hours.
  • An increase of the number of opening hours of the library during the examination days provided that the Dean of the concerned faculty determines this in consultation with the librarian.
  • The Dean of each Faculty shall bear the cost of the extra hours for the libraries after a report has been prepared by the Librarian.
  • Libraries Membership: Membership Library according to the following :
  • Membership is granted to teaching staff, students and graduate students from within and outside the university, provided that they are granted only one membership card by the library of the concerned faculty.
  • Membership of electronic libraries shall be for teaching staff and students enrolled in the university for the academic year, and postgraduate students with a letter from the dean of the faculty.
  • Any university professor with a valid library card may benefit from library services in accordance with these regulations.
  • The collaborating professor from outside the university may benefit from the library services without borrowing.
  • New Card: To extract a new card for the library, the following must be fulfilled :
  • The teacher and the student must present the valid faculty card.
  • Bring photos.
  • Payment of the prescribed fees.
  • Renewal: The card is renewed at the beginning of each year at 50% of the value of the card.
  • Card Replacement: To extract a replacement card, the following must be fulfilled :
  • The sub-librarian should be notified when the card is lost.
  • The procedures of replacement card shall be after the extraction of a certificate of loss from all libraries in the university after payment of the prescribed extraction fees.
  • Library Services: Borrowing Service: The library card holder has a borrowing service according to the following:
  • Teaching staff and university students enjoy membership in the library with a borrowing concession.
  • A registration form must be completed to inform that the beneficiary has read the regulations, approved and comply with them.
  • Reserved books may not be borrowed.
  • The borrowing period is a maximum of one-week renewable and the library management has the right to request the return of the books or sources borrowed by contacting him/her whenever necessary.
  • The library management has the right to prevent the lending of certain materials such as research, references, periodicals, volumes and rare books.
  • It is not allowed to take any material from libraries before preparing them technically and all steps of lending them are taken.
  • The lending concession is subject to the return of the material at the time specified therein.
  • The maximum number of lent books for a teaching staff member is two books without reference, renewable according to the librarian.
  • The Maximum lent books for a student is only one book and upon showing his ID card.
  • External lending is made at the end of daily work hours.
  • Dictionaries, periodicals, rare books, limited copies and university letters are not allowed.

Photocopying Services

The photocopying service is provided according to the following:

  • Photocopying services are provided during the academic working day.
  • Research and university transcripts may only be photocopied with the written consent of the author.

Electronic Libraries:

The library provides the following services:

  • Electronic libraries are concerned with academic aspects.
  • Enable online search as per controls.
  • The beneficiary is entitled to store the files on floppy disks or any storage media, and to extract hard copies of the Internet against the prescribed fees.
  • Copy CDs.
  • Provide the scientific material through pre-recorded CDs.

Duties of Beneficiary:

The recipient of library services must adhere to the following:

  • He/she must adhere to full quietness inside the library and not disturb the nearby.
  • The proper dress must be taken into consideration when entering the library.
  • The mobile phone must be closed inside the library.
  • Entering with bags and the like is prohibited and must be placed in designated places.
  • Books must be left on the table after using them.
  • It is not permissible to write on books or tables, to tear up the pages of books, periodicals, research, or to destroy library materials in any form.
  • Newspapers and advertisements may not be placed on library walls.
  • Be careful not to leave valuables in the bags and note that the library management is not responsible for the loss.
  • Carrying of any material that might cause losses to library materials such as ink, sulfur, razors, liquids, flammable materials, and others are prohibited.
  • The cleanliness of the library must always be maintained.
  • The library’s visitors may take their own books inside the library after presenting them to the receptionist.
  • Users of the library from outside the university must bring letters from their respective parties to consider approving their membership and issuing a membership card for them.
  • The equipment of the library, such as air conditioners, fans, lighting switches and computer equipment, shall not be operated except by the authorized persons.
  • Eating, drinking and using stimulants in the library.
  • No library furniture may be moved.
  • The instructions and notices issued by the Librarian to from time to time must be adhered.

Controls of using electronic libraries:

  • The student or teaching staff member using the electronic library should abide by the following:
  • It is not allowed to enter entertainment sites and violating public morals of all kinds.
  • A certain period of time may be set for teaching staff members, postgraduate students, and final year students.
  • He/she must adhere to the time specified for the beneficiary.
  • Floppy disks and all storage media may not be used with library devices.
  • In the event of a technical malfunction or defect, the librarian must be informed immediately.

Controls for the use of cabinets for students:

  • The cabinets are granted according to the following:
  • Cabinets are only for use by students of the faculty concerned.
  • The student must present the valid faculty card to receive and deliver the key when leaving the library.
  • The key may not be taken outside the library.
  • The student must carry his precious items when the cabinet is full.
  • Not more than one student may be enrolled in one cabinet.

Discharge Certificate

  • The certificate must be obtained from the library according to the following :
  • At the end of the last semester, the student will be given a discharge certificate from all university libraries after the delivery of his membership card.
  • Upon leaving the university or abroad, teaching staff members must have a discharge certificate of their libraries from the librarian.

Sanctions and provisions:

  • It is prohibited to enter the library permanently with payment of the financial value determined by the librarian in the following cases:
  • Destruction of any materials, equipment or library devices.
  • Tearing, damaging, or destroying books, disks or other library property.

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