Elsheikh Albadri University Hospital


The idea of establishing the university hospital of the University of Sheikh Abdallah ELBadri after the expansion of medical and health faculties in the university, particularly after the Faculty of Medicine was approved and began study after the admission of the first batch of (116 male and female students ) in 2016 – 2017.

Fadilat Maulana ELShaikh Abdallah ELBadri, the founder of the university donated an area of (8 fedans) to the hospital to provide quality medical services to the population of the region and all segments of the community in the region and the neighboring areas, and to be a training center for students of the Faculty of Medicine and other medical and health colleges related to the university, and he also donated to provide building materials for the hospital in phase one.

The foundation stone of the hospital was laid by the Governor of the River Nile State, Major-General Hatei ELWaseela ELSamani, in January 2018 in a large ceremony witnessed by the leaders and figures of the state and the locality of Berber and ELKdwab.


To achieve leadership and excellence in medical, health, educational, research and training services in accordance with international and local standards.


To provide advanced, integrated and safe medical and health services, while ensuring the implementation of the total quality of medical, educational and research services based on ethics.



To achieve the optimal level of medical, educational and research service through distinguished cadres with high experience using the latest technology.

To achieve a safe environment for the patient, employees and the community.

To develop the quality of services according to local and international standards.

To build the spirit of cooperation, affiliation, and team spirit.

To encourage and support training, on-going education, and scientific research.

To respect the rights, values, and beliefs of patients and their families, taking into account their safety and satisfaction.

To provide health education and training programs for citizens through collaboration with medical and educational institutions in the region and neighboring areas.


It occupies the southeastern part of the university’s buildings and of an area of 8 fedans (33.600 m 2 )

To the north it overlooks the Medical College complex, to the east it overlooks Atbara Abu Hamad National Street, to the south, it overlooks ELSiteen Street separating between the residential plan Berber and the University, to the west, it overlooks the area reserved for the University for future expansion.

The building is of an area of 4,000 m2  and the building prepared for phase one includes the 3 floors.

The maps were designed by Bruge Engineering as a donation and contribution to the establishment and construction of the hospital.



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