Deanship of Student Affairs


The Deanship of Student Affairs at the University of ELShaikh Abdallah ELBadri was established under the University of ELShaikh Abdallah ELBadri Act, Article (19) to help students to make maximum scientific, educational, cultural and social benefit from their belonging to the University and as well as taking into account the systems and behavior within and outside the university.


Building the personality of the student in an integrated manner intellectually, socially, technically and physically.

Objectives of Deanship of Student Affairs:

  • To provide a suitable and appropriate university environment for students with all means of comfort.
  • Consolidation of national pride and national affiliation.
  • To develop students’ leadership and pioneering spirit.
  • To strengthen student ties with the community and encourage them to engage in its service.
  • To work on building and preparing the integrated and balanced personality of the student.

The duties of the Deanship:

  1. To maintain individual student records and files that contain the student’s basic information and make use of that in providing all aspects of student welfare.
  2. To resolve the health problems of students in coordination with the Department of Health Services and other relevant bodies.
  3. To solve the students’ economic problems outside the classroom in coordination with the National Student Welfare Fund.
  4. To guide, counsel students and develop their personality as well as trying to address their psychological problems.
  5. To pay attention to students with special needs (mentally and physically) and care for them academically.
  6. To enrich the university arena with the comprehensive cultural activity through the implementation of cultural programs and supervision of the programs that students are holding such lectures, seminars, cultural weeks, poetry forums and others.
  7. To represent the university externally in competitions organized by the relevant bodies.
  8. Supervision of all the work of the Students Union and associations and scientific and cultural associations in addition to overseeing the finances of the Union and the management of its investment
  9. To cover special occasions for admission, graduation, and others.
  10. To sponsor the international students from sisterly countries and facilitate their stay in the country.
  11. To receive students in the field of mutual exchange of students and implement cultural and entertainment programs for them.
  12. Follow-up of graduate students.

Duties of the Dean:

  • To supervise the implementation of all the tasks mentioned in the duties of the Deanship of Students.
  • To propose plans and programs for students’ affairs.
  • To implement the laws, regulations, and rules of the Deanship of Students and the behavioral regulations of students.
  • Preparation of performance reports or any other reports is raised to the Director or the Senate.
  • To identify requirements for jobs and recommend promotions.
  • To represent the Deanship of students inside and outside the university.
  • Any other duties assigned to him by the Chancellor.

The current Dean of Student Affairs:

Dr. Musadaq Gariballah Albadri.

The duties of the faculty supervisors :

  • Guidance and counselling of students in the faculty.
  • Make students aware of the regulations of the university.
  • Coordinate with those in charge of welfare and activities unit with regard to the implementation of activities.
  • Preparation of case study for students in collaboration with Social Welfare Unit Officer.
  • Member and Rapporteur of Student Disciplinary Board.
  • Supervise the formation of associations and societies within the university.
  • Any other tasks assigned to him/ her by the Dean of Students.

Statistics and Information Unit:

  • It keeps individual student records and files containing student information from admission to graduation.
  • Monitors the numbers of students continuously.
  • Monitors the numbers of graduates.
  • Extraction and renewal of university card and registration certificates.
  • Any other tasks assigned to it by the Dean of Students.

Tasks of the Social Welfare Unit and Activities :

  • Conducts a social case study for students to identify the students who are in need of support in terms of quantity and type according to the forms prepared for this.
  • Follow-up of the approvals for support and sends them to the various faculties.
  • Follow-up of students’ affairs regarding housing, medical treatment, sponsorship and health insurance with the National Student Welfare Fund.
  • Facilitates the affairs of international students regarding their residence, passports, and visas.
  • Prepares a plan for all activities at the level of the university particularly organizing competitions, festivals, and various sports tournaments.
  • Any other tasks assigned to it by the Dean of Students.

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