Administration of Quality, Accreditation and Training

Vision, Mission, and Goals of the Quality, Accreditation and Training administration.

  • The Administration of Quality, Accreditation, and Training was established as a unit first by a decision of the Chancellor in May 2013
  • It was raised to the University Council in a session held on 3 October 2015
  • The Administration of Quality, accreditation, and training works on to ensure quality in the scientific departments of the university, its centers, units and departments supporting them to achieve the mission of the university and its objectives. The Administration shall implement the policies of the national, regional and global bodies of distinguished reputation.

Board of Directors:

The Board of Directors shall be composed according to its statute as follows:

1  Vice Chancellor Chairperson
2  Director of the Administration Member and Rapporteur
3 Deputy Chancellor Member
4  Secretary of Scientific Affairs Member
5  Dean of Student Affairs Member
6  Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies Member
7  Librarian Member
8  Heads of quality, accreditation and training units in faculties Member
9  Three qualified and experienced members selected by the Director from within the university  
10  Two qualified and experienced members selected by the Director from outside the University  


The Board of Director’s Functions:

The Board of Directors has the following functions:

  1. To set plans and policies aimed at improving performance in quality, accreditation and management development as well as helping them achieve their objectives
  2. Approval of the budget proposals of the Administration.
  3. Endorsement of the annual report submitted by the Director of Administration
  4. To review the reports received from the university’s quality units and coordinate with them on the final report to the university administration
  5. To provide the Director with information and data on the educational, administrative and work environment
  6. To set plans and programs to carry out its work
  7. To meet at least twice a year

Current Administration Director: Dr. Ahmed Hassan Ibrahim.

Director of the Administration:

The Chancellor of the University shall appoint from amongst the teaching staff the Director of the Administration, who shall have the following functions:

  1.    Supervision and follow-up of all the work of the Administration towards the achievement of its objectives
  2. Represents the University in the local, regional and international quality, accreditation and training bodies
  3.    Develops the budget proposals of the administration and submits them to the Board of Directors
  4.  Supervises the budget approved by the administration and submits it to the Board of Directors
  5.   Forms technical committees to prepare training programs and raise the capacity of the university staff in the field of self-evaluation and quality and adoption of such programs
  6.    Holds a quarterly meeting to discuss unit performance reports
  7.    Discussion of the results of the questionnaires and statistics and their adoption before sending them to faculties, institutes, and departments
  8.    Prepares and discusses the annual report on the progress of work in the administration and submits it to the Board of Directors
  9.    Performs any tasks assigned to him by the Chancellor.

Departments of the Administration:

The administration consists of three departments:

  1. Self-evaluation Department
  2. Quality Department
  3. Training department

Quality, Accreditation and Training Units

There shall be established in any college, institute or center a quality, accreditation, and training unit to be technically under the quality department.  These units have heads appointed by the Chancellor.

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