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Personal Information:


Name:  Omer Abdallah Elbedri Abdallah

Date of Birth:  January 1972

Gender: male

Nationality:  Sudanese

Residence: Sudan, Nile State, Berber

Current Occupation: Associate Professor in Medical Physiology, Vice Chancellor of Elsheikh Abdallah Elbadri University

Marital status: married

Siblings: 2 sons, 1 daughter

Tel:+249 964645870, +249912316853


Address: Elsheikh Abdallah Elbadri University, Nile state, Berber, Sudan P.O Box 25



1-Bachelor of Medicine &Surgery- Faculty of Medicine – University of Khartoum 1995

2- Master of Human Physiology- Postgraduate medical studies- University of Khartoum 2005

3.Ph.D. Human physiology- Postgraduate medical studies- National Ribat University2013

3- Part 1 respiratory medicine – Sudan Medical Specialization Board 2011




Houseman ship: 1996-1998

General practitioner: 1998-2002

Teaching assistant in physiology during Master study: 2002-2005- Faculty of Medicine -University of Khartoum

Lecturer in medical  physiology: Faculty of Medicine –  Nile Valley University, 2004-2008

Lecturer in Medical Physiology: Khartoum  College for medical sciences, 2010-2012

Dean & Founder of Elsheikh Abdallah Elbadri Health College 2008-2010

Dean& Founder of Faculty of Medicine – Elsheikh Abdallah Elbadri University 2015-2017

Vice Chancellor -– Elsheikh Abdallah Elbadri University-2017


Training Courses:


1- Educational planning 12th to 17th November 2005

2- Evidence-based medicine 26th-28th February 2005

3- Research methodology 29th April- 1st May 2003

All above were done in Khartoum Educational developmental center- faculty of Medicine- University of Khartoum, Sudan

4-  SPSS course in biostatistics, University of Khartoum 2011

5- Certificate of attendance: IV world asthma & COPD forum Paris, France 30 April- 3 May 2011.

6- Certificate of attendance of 6th international congress of African association of physiological sciences – September 2012 Faculty of Medicine – Suez canal University – Egypt.

7- Workshop on trends and challenges in physiology education, faculty of medicine, Suez Canal University, Egypt 2012

8- Certificate of Attendance – European Respiratory Society (ERS) International Congress – Milan, Italy, 9-13 September 2017.

9- Certificate of Attendance – Spirometry Training Programme: Became a programme organizer – European Respiratory Society, International Congress – Milan, Italy, 9-13 September 2017.

10- Certificate Of Continuing Medical education credits (23 credits)- European Respiratory Society, International Congress – Milan , Italy , 9-13 September 2017.




1- Omer AE , Amal MS .Effect of exposure to cement dust on lung function of workers at Atbara cement factory. Khartoum medical journal2008; vol.1(2):81-84.

2- O. Elbedri, A. Magzoub, O.Musa. Respiratory Pressure Meter, could it be used as new device in diagnosis of asthma. IV asthma world forum Paris –France. Journal of immunorehabilitation volume 13 No 1: Page35-36

3- Omer Elbedri, Mohammed Elbagir, Aamir Magzoub, Omer A Musa. Asthma diagnosis by the reversibility test of respiratory muscle power in asthmatics using respiratory pressure meter. IV asthma world forum Paris –France. Journal of immunorehabilitation volume 13 No 1 Page 36.

4- Omer Elbedri, Mohammed Elbagir, Aamir Magzoub, Omer A Musa. Asthma diagnosis by reversibility of respiratory muscle strength- Eur Resp J 18:55

5-Omer A Musa, Omer Elbedri, Aamir Ali, Salma Elhadi, Mohamed Elbagir Ali. Asthma diagnosis: a new approach. The 7th scientific conference of Sudanese Chest Physicians Society. Khartoum State 2013.

6- Omer Elbedri , Kamal M Awad , Aamir A Magzoub , Omer A Musa. Effect of training on lung function and respiratory muscles strength in Policewomen trainees in Khartoum, Sudan. Journal of African Association of Physiological Sciences 2013;volume 1(2):69-70.

7- O.A. Musa, O.A. Elbedri , S.E. Ibrahim, A.A. Magzoub, K.M. Awad, F.G.Abdallah and B.A.Hussein. Respiratory muscle power (RMP) in normal subjects, asthmatics, trained police officers and healthy obese adults in Sudan. International Union of physiological science congress Birmingham UK 2013.IUPs 2013 abstract book:786-787.

8.kamal M.Awad, Aamir Magzoub,Omer Elbedri, Omer A.Musa. Effect of physical training on lung function and respiratory muscles strength in policewomen trainees.Int J Med Sci ;5(6):2516-2518.




 1.European respiratory society(ERS).

2.American Thoracic Society(ATS)

3.American College of Chest Physicians

 4.International Union of Physiological Sciences(IUPS).

5.African Association of Physiological Sciences(AAPS)

 6.Sudan Association of Physiological Sciences(SAPS)








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