Vice Chancellor’s CV

Name:  Omer Abdalla Elbedri Abdalla

Date of Birth:  January 1972

Gender: male

Nationality:  Sudanese

Residence: Sudan, Nile State, Berber

Current Occupation: Vice Chancellor of Elsheikh Abdallah Elbadri University

Marital status: married

Siblings: 2 sons, 2 daughters

Tel:+249 964645870, +249123401177


Address: Esheikh Abdallah Elbadri University, Nile state, Berber, Sudan P.O Box 25


1-Bachelor of Medicine &Surgery- Faculty of Medicine – University of Khartoum 1995

2- Master in Human Physiology- Postgraduate medical studies- University of Khartoum 2005

3.PhD Human physiology- Postgraduate medical studies- National Ribat University2013

3- Part 1 respiratory medicine – Sudan Medical Specialization Board 2011


Houseman ship: 1996-1998

General practitioner: 1998-2002( Berber Hospital,Sudan; Dammam General Health Care hospital, KSA)

Teaching assistant in physiology during Master study: 2002-2005- Faculty of Medicine -University of Khartoum

Lecturer in medical  physiology: Faculty of Medicine –  Nile Valley University, 2004-2008

Lecturer in medical Physiology : Khartoum  College for medical sciences, 2010-2012

Dean & Founder of Elsheikh Abdallah Elbadri Health College 2008-2010

Dean& Founder of Faculty of Medicine – Elsheikh Abdallah Elbadri University 2015-2017

Vice Chancellor -– Elsheikh Abdallah Elbadri University-2017

Training courses:

1- Educational planning 12th to 17th November 2005

2- Evidence based medicine 26th-28th February 2005

3- Research methodology 29th April- 1st May 2003

All above were done in Khartoum Educational developmental center- faculty of Medicine- University of Khartoum, Sudan

4-  SPSS course in biostatistics, University of Khartoum 2011

5- Certificate of attendance: IV world asthma & COPD forum Paris, France 30 April- 3 May ,2011.

6- Certificate of attendance of 6th international congress of African association of physiological sciences – September 2012 Faculty of Medicine – Suez canal University – Egypt.

7- Work shop on trends and challenges in physiology education , faculty of medicine, Suez Canal University , Egypt 2012

8- Certificate of Attendance – European Respiratory Society (ERS) International Congress – Milan ,Italy , 9-13 September 2017.

9- Certificate of Attendance – Spirometry Training  Programme : Became a programme organiser – European Respiratory Society, International Congerss – Milan ,Italy , 9-13 September 2017 .

10- Certificate Of Continuing Medical education credits (23 credits)- European Respiratory Society, International Congerss – Milan ,Italy , 9-13 September 2017 .

Published papers:

1- Omer AE , Amal MS .Effect of exposure to cement dust on lung function of workers at Atbara cement factory. Khartoum medical journal2008; vol.1(2):81-84.

2- O. Elbedri, A. Magzoub, O.Musa. Respiratory Pressure Meter, could it be used as new device in diagnosis of asthma. Proceedings of IV asthma world forum ;2011 April30- May3;Paris, France. Moscow: Medistina-Zodorov,e;2011.

3- Omer Elbedri, Mohammed Elbagir, Aamir Magzoub, Omer A Musa. Asthma diagnosis by the reversibility test of respiratory muscle power in asthmatics using respiratory pressure meter. Proceedings of IV asthma world forum; 2011April30- May3;Paris, France. Moscow: Medistina-Zodorov,e;2011.

4- Omer Elbedri, Mohammed Elbagir, Aamir Magzoub, Omer A Musa. Asthma diagnosis by reversibility of respiratory muscle strength- Eur Resp J 18:55

5-Omer A Musa, Omer Elbedri, Aamir Ali,Salma Elhadi, Mohamed Elbagir Ali. Asthma diagnosis: a new approach.  Abstracts of the 7th scientific conference of Sudanese Chest Physicians Society;2013;Khartoum, Sudan.

6- Omer Elbedri , Kamal M Awad , Aamir A Magzoub , Omer A Musa. Effect of training on lung function and respiratory muscles strength in Policewomen trainees in Khartoum, Sudan. Journal of African Association of Physiological Sciences 2013;volume 1(2):69-70.

7- O.A. Musa, O.A. Elbedri , S.E. Ibrahim, A.A. Magzoub, K.M. Awad, F.G.Abdallah and B.A.Hussein. Respiratory muscle power (RMP) in normal subjects, asthmatics, trained police officers and healthy obese adults in Sudan.  Abstracts of International Union of physiological science congress;2013 Sep 3-5; Birmingham, UK.

8.kamal M.Awad, Aamir Magzoub,Omer Elbedri, Omer A.Musa. Effect of physical training on lung function and respiratory muscles strength in policewomen trainees.Int J Med Sci ;5(6):2516-2518.

9. Abdalla OAE, Musa OA. Respiratory muscles power reversibility test as a new test in asthma diagnosis.  J Lung Pulm Respir Res. 2019;6(4):73‒75.

10. Abdalla OAE, Ibrahim R, Musa OA. Respiratory muscle power and lung function in healthy obese Sudanese medical students. J Lung Pulm Respir Res. 2018;5(4):126‒128.

11. Abdalla OAE, Musa OA. Variability of lung function and respiratory muscles power in healthy and asthmatic subjects. J Lung Pulm Respir Res. 2019;6(3):64‒67


1.European respiratory society(ERS).

2.American Thoracic Society(ATS)

3.American College of Chest Physicians

 4.International Union of Physiological Sciences(IUPS).

5.African Association of Physiological Sciences(AAPS)

 6.Sudan Association of Physiological Sciences(SAPS)

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