The sixth students’ creativity program in the northern- sector university.

ElSHEIKH ABDALLAH AL BADRI University entertained the sixth students’ creativity programme in the northern sector university under the theme (arms of renaissance & construction) and with the supervision of NILE VALLEY GOVERNMENT represented by the governor of the state MAJOR-GENERAL HATIM ALWASILA ALSAMANI, the commissioner of BERBER, SECURITY &POLICE SERVICE and the members of the higher committee.


The students’ creativity programme is a sporty, artistry and a cultural course that represents students’ creativity in the northern-sector university. It begins from 19/1/2018-21/1/2018.



Students compete in artistry, sporty and cultural domains. Exhibits are held to highlight the students’ skills and creativity. The participant universities are SHEIKH ABDALLAH AL-BADRI UNIVERSITY (the host), NILE VALLEY UNIVERSITY, SHANDI UNIVERSITY, DONGOLA UNI, and ABD ALLATEEF ALHAMAD UNI. The host university affords all the arrangements and setting up of this festival; Participants’ reception, accommodating all the students, administration, higher education and different arbitration committees. The prime minister of higher education ministry and his noble delegation will honourably visit the festival in the final day.

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