Honoring of Mrs Suad Alameen (Elsheikh Abdallah Albadri’s wife.)

Women secretariat of the Islamic movement in the Nile valley state held among majestic attendance a celebration to honour MRS SUAD ALAMEEN SHEIKH ABDALLAH WIFE, and a number of teachers and leaders in BERBER LOCALITY.  The celebration was held on Wed 24th of JAN   2018 at 11 a.m in SHEIKH ABDALLAH University.


A precious number of teachers were honoured within honouring Mrs SUAD ALAMEEN. They

have played an important precious roles supporting the movement work. Under the sponsorship of MAJOR-GENERAL HATIM ALWASILA ALSAMANI the Governor of NILE VALLEY STATE and the sponsor of the Islamic movement, and supervised by Mr Abd Almoniem Mohamed Alsaim the commissioner of BERBER and the movement sponsor in BERBER locality.

Dr Zeinab Othman Diab the Islamic movement women secretariat explained that this celebration program came as one of the program’s frameworks which the secretariat assumed to honour diligent women and their pioneer roles.


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